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Have you ever heard the adage “he or she looks good enough to eat?” At Lucien’s, it is less a common idiom and more a business model that has made the luxurious restaurant the most successful dining establishment in the Saturn orbit (never mind that it is also the only place to eat within 300 million miles).

Published Short Stories

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Evan is a good boyfriend, but tonight, he has reached his wit's end with his girlfriend Sadie. She has hardly talked to him all week, she avoids him in public, and now she is begging him to come and save her from her psycho foster family at 3 AM.
Dutiful as ever, Evan makes the two-hour commute in the dead of winter to find a much more dismal situation than he could have ever expected.







Publishing Details: 


Self-published here on CVF. Just click the button above to read the story. 

Published in audio format as part of a collection by Miss Fearsome 

The Greatest Enemy

Ishiro Tamayagi has long sought to drown the demons of his past in sake and blood. But no matter how he tries, no enemy, man or toxin, has yet been able to slay him this accomplished ronin. 

Little does he know that Niko, his beloved concubine, still believes he has something to live for. She believes this so strongly, that she has reached out to the spirit realm for supernatural assistance in saving her lover from his path of self-destruction. Is it too late for Ishiro's redemption, or will Niko's desperate gambit succeed?  




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Published as a three-part serial release for one of the earliest contributions to the new, writer-centric social media site Simily, The Greatest Enemy can be read on that site by following the button above! 

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