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Putting the "but..." 


"I don't usually like horror, but..."

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Developmental Editing 

As a fellow author, my editing specialty lies in analyzing story structure, narrative movement, character development, and other 'big picture' items which make a story work and keep readers turning the page. 


I'm a firm believer that every story deserves to be told and told at a quality of craft that allows for maximum impact and clarity for the intended audience. Even from the first draft, most stories have greatness within them, though sometimes, that greatness is muddled or buried beneath exposition, wandering narratives, or tangential sections of prose that interfere with the overall plot, movement, and resonance of the story.


As a developmental editor, it is my job to dig into your story, immerse myself in it, and help you to find the elements you've created that will transform your first draft into a manuscript that can hang with anything else on the market. 


When you purchase a developmental package with me you will receive a comprehensive developmental report (usually 15-25 pages for a full-length novel) of detailed story notes, character and plot analysis, highlights of what is working well in the story, what to capitalize on, and potential issues with proposed solutions.  


The package also includes three consultations via video call or phone call, whatever you prefer. Generally, I do one call before we start editing (to solidify expectations for me), one as soon as you've read through my edits (to clarify any questions, comments, or concerns from you before you get to work), and one after you've finished editing (to touch base between us, get and give feedback, and decide what the next best steps are for the manuscript).    


Obviously, I can't promise to make your book a bestseller. There's much more to that than any editor (or writer for that matter) can expect to accomplish alone, but I can promise that you and I will be able to elevate the quality of your manuscript to new, heretofore unattained heights! 

If you're not familiar with the stages of editing a novel, or what a developmental edit is, here is a great article that can clear things up for you. 


Before working with a developmental client, I always like to initiate the relationship with a video chat or phone call. There we can talk about your story, meet one another, and discuss timelines and expectations. This first meeting is separate from the developmental editing package and is totally free.    

Story Coaching

The greatest compliment I've ever heard as a horror writer is the sentence: "I don't usually like horror, but..." 

I LIVE for this sentence, both for myself and for my coaching clients!

There is no greater pleasure in life than taking that person who thought horror is nothing but gore, jump scares, and campy tropes, and turning them into a fellow lover of the darkness. Sure, horror CAN be those things, but we as horror lovers know it can also be so much more. I want to help you reach that next level--that tier of undeniable excellence that makes people say


"Wow, usually I don't like horror, but this book..."   


Through my work as a coach and consultant, it is my personal mission to expand the breadth and scope of the genre that has shaped my life. If you want the same thing, let's work together. 

My story coaching package includes a reading of your story and a story analysis along with any number of video or phone consultations (at least two) where you and I can work through the process of finishing your story together. 

Warning: This is not a developmental edit, and will be somewhat less in-depth, but more ongoing.  


Whatever you need to take that horror manuscript to the next level, I'm here to help. 

Before working with a coaching/consultation client, I always like to initiate the relationship with a video chat or phone call. There we can talk about your story, meet one another, and discuss timelines and expectations. This first meeting is completely free. 

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Collaborative Publishing 

For this particular service, CVF pays YOU! 

We writers have to stick together, especially in an intimate, intensely loyal genre community like horror. That's why CVF strives to collaborate with fellow horror writers when we can! 

Our first annual collection, Bad Spirits, is slated for release this year and we hope to start releasing once-yearly anthologies starting in 2024. 


Publishing is hard, the market is brutal and making money in this game is nearly impossible, especially if your story has been repeatedly rejected and you've lost confidence in it. Another common roadblock to publishing is story length. If you've written something over 8,000 words, good luck placing it somewhere. Unfortunately, that's the reality. 


Maybe you've published the story at a small press but weren't paid for it. Now that story is a reprint, which makes it all but doomed to never be bought by anyone else! If any to those above cases apply to you, Clay Vermulm Fiction is here to help. 



Rates and Costs

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Developmental Editing


0.01 Cents per word. 

Example: 75,000K novel=750 dollars

DEAL STIPULATIONS: All new CVF clients get the discounted 1/2 price rate for their first manuscript (up to 75K) After which, prices increase to the Ongoing DE Rate. See below. 

Full editorial report

(15-25 pages for full-length novel)


Up to three 1 hour video/phone consultations 

Ongoing DE Rate: 0.02 CPW

0.02 Cents per word

Example: 75K novel=1,500 dollars

This package includes: 

Full editorial report

(15-25 pages for full-length novel)


Up to three 1 hour video/phone consultations 



Story Consultation

and Analysis: 200

Essentially a Critical Beta Read, I will read your story and provide detailed feedback on what worked for the novel and what I feel could be improved. 

Stipulation: 200$ price is for manuscripts of 75K and under. Longer work will be negotiated.  

Story Coaching: 50$ Per Hour

Story coaching requires a purchase of the story consultation package

This stipulation helps pay for my reading and analysis of the story and makes sure Each additional hour-long meeting we conduct after my reading will provide ample opportunity to communicate, brainstorm, and elevate that story to the next level. 

The great thing is: After my initial reading, you can get as many of these coaching sessions as you need until the completion of your book for only fifty dollars per meeting



Collaborative Publishing

We pay $25 US per story

 Regardless of length, reprint status, or anything else. 

Why $25? 

Selling a short story for $25 is the minimum requirement for joining the Horror Writers Association as an Affiliate Member. This is something every horror writer should be able to do, and we want to help make that achievable.

So, where's the Collaboration? 

Aside from payment for your story, placement in our anthologies also includes a complimentary story coaching package. We're putting our names on your story and therefore, we want it to be the best it can be. We'll meet and collaborate through the entire editing process. In that way, we are much more involved than many other publishers. 

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