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The Ciguapa

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

This creature from the Bolivian jungles is one of my favorites, as it is similar to sirens and fey creatures from across the “pond.” I always find it interesting when cultural beliefs and myths overlap. This is undoubtedly one of those myths. The stories of Ciguapa seem to predate even the Aztecs!

A similarity between the Ciguapa and spiritual beings around the globe is having backward feet. This oddity can be seen in Indian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and African folklore as well. Resemblances like these add to the credibility of these creatures. It makes one wonder if ancient people were creative, if they were ignorant, or if they ACTUALLY saw something. Do we still see the Ciguapa today? Some believe we do.

Repeated sightings to the present day are not the only connections between this mysterious jungle creature and her cousin supernatural creatures among the siren and fey. In fact, in terms of abilities, habits, and traits, the Ciguapa is a cross between sirens and fey creatures, like elves and dryads, in Celtic folklore. There is a lot of debate about whether these creatures are benevolent or malevolent, but either way, many people believe they have the same physical characteristics.

Ciguapa are said to be naked, one meter or less in height, and sporting epically long and luscious hair. Most stories of these creatures center around the females of the species, described as having bronze/brown skin, flowing black hair down to their ankles, and bewitching beauty, as long as you don’t have a foot fetish, ’cause the backward feet thing could be weird for you. There are a couple of stories of male Ciguapa seducing or falling in love with female humans.

On the benevolent side, these creatures are portrayed as aloof, small, and mysterious but pose no threat to humans. In fact, where Ciguapas are seen as “good,” they flee from humans at the slightest glance, as they fear humans will murder them. This is a fair assumption since all a creature really has to do to get on the human’s kill list is to be slightly different, be in their relative vicinity, or become a minor inconvenience. Talk about malevolence, right?

On the malevolent side, these creatures are depicted as sirens who lure unwary travelers, farmers, fisherfolk, and children into the forests, where they seduce them. When kissing, their mouths extract the life force of their victims while inducing a feeling of utter ecstasy.

Hey, at least these critters are relatively considerate. They eat your life-force, but you have the best sex of your life while they do it. Some people might ok with that. I wonder if it’s the same treatment male praying mantis’ get.

So, what do you reckon? Have you ever been lonely enough to give up your life-force for a legendary lay? Do you believe in the Ciguapa? If so, do you think they are benevolent guardians of the forest who have dwelt in harmony with nature since the dawn of time or are they terrifying, backward-footed, sex demons who, like a jazz club audience, are searching for soul?

HMU with your thoughts everyone!

See you next week.

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1 Comment

Feb 05, 2021

Great post, cool creature, one addition. Getting on the human kill list is also pretty easy if you're delicious.

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