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The Shojo: Japanese Spirit of Spirits

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

This week we are exploring a spirit that is a bit less malevolent, but still dangerous and warrants respect. The Shojo is an orangutang-like water spirit that haunts the coastlines and shallow coves of the Japanese isles. In relation to many Japanese demons and spirits, they are very peaceful. They do, however, pass lethal judgment in a unique way.

Along with their trademark seaweed skirts, orange fur, apelike appearance, and proximity to water, the Shojo are defined by their propensity for alcohol and drunkenness. They are said to be extremely fond of drinking sake and any other spirit they can get their hands on and are usually found lying on the beach in various states of inebriation. Shojo have also been witnessed haunting breweries, bars, and clubs—anywhere alcohol can be found. Many a graveyard-shift employee has claimed to see these spirits keeping the party alive long after last call.

Though these spirits are generally just trying to catch a buzz and have a good time, they do have a slightly darker side. As aficionados of alcohol, they have become competent brewers in their own right. The Shojo are said to have their own alcoholic concoctions, which they will share with those who encounter them. Before taking a sip of the Shojo liquor, however, you may want to double-check if you are on the “naughty” or “nice” list.

To those of you who are good, righteous, moral, and upstanding, the drink of the Shojo will taste heavenly. It will get you properly drunk on flavorful tones of alcoholic bliss, and I’d wager you would get to skip the hangover.

If you are an immoral or evil person, the drink will taste of the sourest toxin. But if your soul is tainted enough, it will act as a poison. Some say the Shojo poison will kill the evil person immediately. Others say it will bind you to change your ways and kill down the road if you don’t.

I think this spirit is fairly fun. It has a way of passing judgment on the wicked and good alike, punishing the former, and rewarding the latter. These creatures essentially exist in a perpetual stage of a freshman in college, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t envy them a little. Of course, I am glad to not be covered in orange fur. The only thing that makes the Shojo a relatively weak contender for the Cryptid Cagematch (They will face off against the Doppelganger) is that in order for the Shojo to harm you, it seems you have to choose to drink their liquor. Of course, they are orangutangs—which are 10x stronger than humans—so if they wanted to seize you and force it down your throat, surely they could. On that score, we will let the voters decide.

What would you do if you encountered a Shojo? Would you trust that you’ve been a pure enough soul to enjoy the blissful brew of this Japanese spirit, or would you fear that your past misgivings might warrant punishment? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you :). Until next week folks, thanks for reading!

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